TSS Ventures honorably announces our new official partnership with Heroes TD. The game would develop even further as a result of TSS Ventures’ enjoyment.

TSS provides technology for storing and monitoring financial and digital assets. We are a trusted, transparent solution for digital assets on online storage platforms and infrastructure connected to the most popular Blockchains.

About Us

Heroes TD is a collectible tower defense strategy game, with a brand new play style. You can collect and build your deck to win. Not only you can enjoy the game, but also earn money from it as well. In Heroes TD, players can join a community for players, play with each other. Players can also create new unique NFT content, trade NFT content with other players to get real money, and most importantly, have a lot of fun!


Be the earliest player of #Heroes TD – Play to earn from Blockchain game

Free to play! Play to earn!

👋 Welcome EveryOne To Heroes TD!

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